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Gauri Chopra


Art is my essential tool for sustaining

a fulfilling life- GC

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Gauri Chopra began her career in 2002, when she transformed her
 childhood hobby of photography into her passion as a self-taught photographer. In 2010 Chopra graduated with a BA in industrial, scientific photography from the
 prestigious Brooks Institute of photography in Santa Barbara, California. High-Quality education and the newly acquired knowledge of scientific techniques changed Gauri's perspective towards commercial photography. For five years, she worked with high-speed and commercial photographers in New York such as Richard Pierce, Shinichi Maruyama, Norimich Inoguchi and Martin Waugh in Portland. Chopra also worked for established architects and architectural firms in Mumbai and Santa Barbara such as Clay Architecture founded by Ahsan Ansari, and Santa Barbara Architecture by Robert Senn. Her work with both these firms has won awards and has been published in several online and print magazines.

In addition to winning several international photography awards in the architectural photography, fine art, book, and digital media categories, Chopra has assisted for some of the leading brands in the industry such as Carlsberg, Kheils, Estee Lauder, and Speedo to name a few. During her commercial journey, she realized that her art itself was calling for a larger purpose in life — a mission via which she could create more value through her art and share the knowledge with others. In the search for creating more awareness of the artist within herself, in 2012 Chopra discovered the ocean through her lens, after which she quit her commercial work and dedicated five years of her life to studying and capturing the wonders of our oceans and its inhabitants in the Indian ocean. In the process she learned about how tropical coral reefs are productive ecosystems, and not only do they support enormous biodiversity, but they are also of immense value to the human species. In 2012 Chopra published her first book, The Best Sword, which blends her passion for spirituality, nature, and martial art, and in 2017 she published an I pad application (book), in the hope to create awareness about the importance of a cleaner environment, starting from our oceans. Gauri Chopra now specializes in Architectural and high-speed photography. Her passion for photography is not only about images, but also about the concept, vision, and her love for the art itself.



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